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No need to rewire your trailer!  American vehicles with combined stop / indicator can now tow NZ style separate indicator trailers, or NZ style vehicles can tow USA Style trailers with this easy to install NZ to US Interface.
The NZ-US / US-NZ INTERFACE allows the brake & indicator feed signal to be converted so that the vehicle and the trailer can communicate correctly.
- Waterproof
- Simple wiring
- No power feed required
- Vehicle or trailer mounted.
- Solid state fully protected switching components for reliabilty
- Short circuit protection. Protects vehicle from wiring faults on trailer
- Works for both standard bulb & LED light trailers
Also may be used for taillight control after electronic flasher units where brake light flashing US style is required - either to replace an existing unit or where no provision for separate indicator is fitted.
Also called : Trailer Light Converter (USA) / Tail Light Trailer Towing Wiring Converter (5 wires to 4 wires) / Vehicle to vehicle taillight converter 5 to 4 wire converter / Camper trailer RV converter / 3 wire to 2 wire trailer connector

Made in New Zealand - 2 year unlimited km warranty when professionally installed

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