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Smart Lock Bypass.

Ford Engine Immobilizer bypass, allowing vehicle to operate.

The Ford Smartlock Bypass module is a wire-in device which will allow the use of a Ford Smartlock based ECU in vehicles without the need for the associated Ignition barrel wiring and BEM / BCM. This device is also used to eliminate a faulty factory BEM / BCM which would otherwise cause the ECU not to provide fuel and spark, or the engine not to crank. The module provides the ECU with the required signals to allow the engine to operate. 3 wire installation.

The Smartlock Bypass can be used with Ford EB / ED / EF / EL and AU series 1 Smartlock based ECU's as well as XG and XH Utes, both 6 cylinder and v8 variants, and comes with fitting instructions. 
*Note this device will not work on AU II or AUIII ECU's which have SmartShield Immobilisation. 

We also manufacture a Mazda version for NZ new & JDM 1998-02 vehicle - please call for details.

Made in New Zealand - 2 year unlimited km warranty when professionally installed

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