Axle Slope Detector

The Axle Slope Detector(ASD) is designed by Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd in partnership with Deane Mark Auto Electrical . The ASD monitors the angle of tilt on the rear axle of a tipping trailer.

The Axle Slope Detector provides a visual warning to the operator when the angle of tilt exceeds the preset trip point. The ASD will facilitate logging of events through your existing Fleet Management System.

The full Axle Slope Detector kit can be purchased through Transport Safety Solutions





The Axle Slope Detector consists of two main components, the Axle Monitoring Unit and the in-cab Warning Control Unit.

The Axle Monitoring Unit is designed to continuously monitor the angle of tilt of the rear axle shaft. This unit utilizes the latest technology in the form of a 3-axis accelerometer IC. Power is taken from an auxiliary power feed or trailer ABS supply.

Angle of tilt information is transferred across a secure wireless radio link between the Axle Monitoring Unit and the Warning Control Unit.

The Warning Control Unit will alert the driver when the angle of tilt exceeds the preset trip point. This unit is activated when the PTO is engaged. Power for this unit comes from the PTO source. (The event logging feature is dependant on the GPRS data transfer features of the Fleet Management System.)


Trip Point Range +/- 20 degrees
Accelerometer base sensitivity 0.1 degrees
Operating Voltage 9-28 Volts
Operating Current approx 200mA
Enclosure Rating IP66
RF Frequency 2.4GHz
Transmit Power 100mW
Network Address over 65,000









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