About us

Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd began in Christchurch during 1989, repairing computer hardware. The name 'Anything Electronic' was chosen to promote an all encompassing 'electronics solutions provider'.

We soon became aware of the need for electronic support in the Automotive industry due to the complexity of Japanese vehicles arriving upon our shores. Successfully repairing all manner of Automotive electronics led us to producing our first Automotive products; Turbo Delays, Glo Timers and Voltage Reducers.

Anything Electronic moved into commercial premises in the early '90s and began employing staff. The mid '90s saw us move to Nelson where we employed an operations Manager.

Our Research & Development department was established in 2000 to meet the demand for tailor-made electronic controllers and products.

Staff numbers steadily grew to around 16 on average. We moved into our current premises in 2006.


Brand Services:

Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd. is a versatile, innovative company providing:
1/ Specialized Electronic Servicing.
2/ Research & Development.
3/ Production & Manufacturing.

1/ Specialized Electronic Servicing.

We specialize in servicing Automotive Electronics and Electronic Equipment that is otherwise:
1/ Costly or difficult to replace.
2/ No longer supported by the manufacturer or supplier.

We provide electronic servicing for all vehicle makes, manufacturers and models, including trucks, buses, heavy equipment and machinery.

2/ Research & Development.

We invest time and resources into exploring new technologies and their applications.
Our Research and Development team use these technologies to:
1/ Create products for markets where electronic solutions are limited or not available.
2/ Create products for markets where a similar product is available, but is expensive, limited in functionality or not tailored enough for the required application.

3/ Production & Manufacturing.

We offer a range of Production and Manufacturing services.
a/ Printed Circuit Board design, production and assembly.
b/ Prototyping.
c/ Wiring and cable assembly.
d/ Product enclosure and labelling.




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