Research and Development

At Anything Electronic we take pride in creating innovative electronic solutions with a myriad of benefits for our clients.

These benefits include:

  • A product or solution that is exactly tailored to our client's needs. When an off-the-shelf solution isn't available or just doesn't cut it, that's where we come in.
  • A product or solution fitted to a niche market, enabling our clients to capture and benefit from that market.
  • The ability to adapt and evolve the product as market requirements change.
  • Superb technical support. We developed it, we know it.


We invest considerable time and resources into exploring new technologies and their applications. Owen and his intuitive team use these technologies to bring products and electronic solutions to market, on time and on budget. Owen's team is fluent in embedded micro-controller programming and "C".

We have the flexibility to produce short-run and one-off products as well as having the capacity to design and develop working prototypes for high volume production.

We develop and manufacture our own line of products. Any of these may be customised to our client's specifications. This can be a quick and very cost effective solution.

How much will it cost? 
It costs nothing to ask. We can provide a ball-park figure based on complexity, quantity and past projects we have done. Once approved, we sign off any necessary non-disclosure agreements and provide a firm quotation.




The Engine Control Auto Start is designed to hold constant the output water pressure of a stand-alone irrigation pump.

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Steering Wheel Interface

The Steering Wheel Interface enables the existing Scania Truck steering wheel audio buttons to remotely control a Blaupunkt radio/CD headunit.

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Axle Slope Detector

The Axle Slope Detector(ASD) is designed by Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd in partnership with Deane Mark Auto Electrical .

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RFID Reader/Logger

The RFID Reader & Logger was designed by Anything Electronic (NZ) Ltd to record Truck Wash usage for billing purposes.

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